this opportunity came from

I am 24yrs old son of Chief J.O. Ibori, who was the Governor of oil rich Delta State, of Nigeria from 1999 till 2007.

My father was a staunch agitator for greater control over the oil resources by the states.
Owing to this; the federal government which is dominated by the northerners dragged my father to court in Asaba, Delta State, accused of stealing over US$290Million during his tenure as governor.
The court cleared him of all the charges. Still, the government went ahead and froze all my fathers’ assets and accounts in and outside Nigeria.
Now, they are using the British Government to hound my father who was recently arrested in Dubai, on the behest of British Govt. which wants him extradited to UK for corruption charges.

I am contacting you today on the instruction of my family.
My father has US$11.5M in the safe deposit vault of a security firm in South East Asia.
He has instructed that we should urgently scout for a reliable person who would receive and keep the US$11.5M in safety till things settle down.
You would take 10% as your compensation, and invest the remaining 90% or keep it in an escrow account for us.

I will disclose the exact location of this fund with all necessary documents to you as soon as you positively acknowledge this email.
You can reach me on: +447031866335. Email:

Yours sincerely,
J.O. Ibori Jr.


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