Amy Taylor

This person chooses to scour whois listings for valid email addresses… the following message came to me via my DNS registration email address, which I only use for DNS registrations, in order to track the source of junk mails:

Dear MyFirstName,

I recently sent you an email about hosting an advertisement on your site. I hope you received it, if not it may have ended up in your junk folder.

I believe we offer a very attractive system of advertising. You would be paid a yearly-renewable fee for placing a text-based advertisement that is appropriate to the topic of your site.

Please get back to me if you are interested in placing an advertisement on

Kind Regards,

Amy Taylor

Also, here’s their domain’s whois listing, in case you’re interested :)

New Web Ltd
The Quadrant 118
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London KT2 6QJ


Administrative Contact:
Philips, Sandra
The Quadrant 118
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London KT2 6QJ
Technical Contact:
Philips, Sandra
The Quadrant 118
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London KT2 6QJ

Registration Service Provider:
Fasthosts Internet Limited,
+44.8708883760 (fax)

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 12-Jul-2012.
Record expires on 23-May-2015.
Record created on 23-May-2002.

UPDATE: Eva Robinson also works for—-i-never-thought–i-d-be-asking—–99980


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  1. I just got an email from these people too, and found your post by googling their email address.

    However, this does not seem like spam to me, but a legitimate request for advertising. Have you replied to them and heard anything back?

  2. Dan, I agree that these people are in a grey area of the spam arena… No, I did not reply… but I welcome you to reply and let us know what you find out!

    1. Yeah, I replied, and they got back to me with an offer for an ad on my website. The rate she offered is around what I typically charge, so I will keep you guys posted if they actually pay and what not!

      I agree, I dont usually like getting emails thru my whois address rather than the contact form on my site, but I guess they might use some kind of scraper to find the emails.

  3. Here’s another in the long line of mediadiscovery scam names

    After reviewing your website, we think that a new blog post would be the best and least intrusive option for you. We’ll pay 130 EUR as an annual upfront payment and we will endeavour to make sure that you are paid within two working days, using PayPal or Moneybookers.

    Please let me know if you’re interested, so I can have your site assessed by our Technical team. I can then ask one of our client services team to send you a new article or ask our team of copywriters to craft an article to fit your site. This will include the advert details and client information.

    Alternatively, if you have any more questions about this advert type, then please do let me know.


    Media Discovery (a New Web Ltd company)

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    EDITORS NOTE: the above comment seems to be comment spam, which is not detecting. The comment came from who would probably appreciate some email if you would like to contact her about finding a handyman in denver :)

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