Peter Prenner

Here’s one I got through my dns registration email address:

It was sent from Peter Prenner

seems he was caught by the Project Honey Pot already:

Peter is on linked in

First of all we are sorry for any bothers but we have found your contact and PDF online and we would like to let you know more about digital publishing and digital flip-newsletters.We believe that e-mail newsletters are still the best way to stay in touch with your customers and audience.But we strongly believe that you should not be limited to the classic e-bulletin or PDF format anymore – you can have more and offer more!
Here is what a flip-newsletter offers you:
  • Engagement – users spend more than 10 minutes on a flip-newsletter compared to 2 minutes on a PDF newsletter or normal html newsletter.
  • Higher conversion-rates – more than 60% of the users who have received a flip-newsletter have opened and interacted with it.
  • Better understanding of the content – by adding videos, interactivity, online polls and quizzes your audience understands your products and services better.
  • Better promotion and sales – your audience will be able to share your newsletter via e-mail and social media and even buy directly from your newsletter.
  • Analytics – you will be able to track and analyze visits and actions made by your users. In general a proper promoted Actionpaper flip-newsletter has more than 10.000 visits
  • Multi-channel availability – your flip-newsletter will be available on all devices – computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets – just by a link!

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