davidbillington@peoplebrowsr.com David Billington

Thanks David, but no thanks… I don’t appreciate you scouring DNS records and spamming the email addresses you find there :)

Your message follows, maybe others would like to contact you about those super great new TLDs..

As the owner of a yourdomainhere.com domain, I wanted to let you know about the new top level domains that are going to change the internet as we know it.

A “Top Level Domain” is the bit at the very end of a web address. The most common TLDs are dotCom, dotNet and dotOrg.

That is all about to change.

Soon, the internet will be filled with contextually named websites such as http://www.microbrew.BEER, http://www.rocknroll.MUSIC or even http://www.grumpycat.MEME.

This fun youtube cartoon does a wonderful job of explaining: Watch the What is a TLD? Explainer Video

What is a TLD?

In the next few years, domain addresses are going to become as common as email addresses. I will contact you next week with more details.

Kind regards

David Billington
Marketing Manager

About PeopleBrowsr
PeopleBrowsr, a San Francisco based company, has combined its Social OS Network Platform, Kred Influencer Analytics and datamine of over one Trillion Conversations to provide Enterprise, Government and new Top Level Domain owners the ability to launch their own social networks.

PeopleBrowsr is the only company with a 500M+ profiles datamine, the only one with very high speed analytics, the only one with real time influence scoring, and the only one funded by the US government to build a Next Gen Network.

PeopleBrowsr Inc | 474 Bryant St | San Francisco, CA 94107 | United States


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