Jason Benedek from compuza.com also scours DNS records looking for customers

got this nice email from Jason, who is locating websites via google searches, then looking up their DNS record and emailing the contact email listed in the Whois… here is his form letter, (which, to his credit, has some personal touches) Nice job Jason!!  Incidentally, his DNS Whois record uses privacy protection… go figure!!!

Hello,My name is Jason, I was browsing around and came across your site http://www.[insert site].com, I see you have done some great work on your site but there are some problems which are lowering your Google search rankings and resulting in you receiving less traffic than you should be getting.

Your site has lots of errors according to W3C validator, which should be fixed right away if you want to index your site in the search engines properly. Currently, your site is listed at 5th position of 5th page for keyword [insert local keywords here] which can be easily improved just by fixing those W3C reported errors. This keyword may not be in your target list but fixing those errors would improve ranking of all your other keywords as well.

I can send you a complete list of changes and fixes we can do to improve your site traffic and revenue. Please respond and let me know if you would like me to prepare and send you a list with the best possible price to complete the tasks.

Jason Benedek


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