Morty Goldman CEO and Founder of Superb Social spams contact forms!

Mort: contact form spammers are the worst.  Eventually all your favorite IP addresses will be blocked and you will be forced to travel around to different coffee shops to get a fresh unblocked ip to do your contact form spamming through :)

Also, I noticed Mort is also giving testimonials on a church website !


Hi there! I stumbled upon your site, [insert site here]

Ever wonder how people like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, or even Oprah Winfrey got so popular? All these people have social media accounts with millions of likes, followers, and views — but how? Where did they get all these from? From Superb Social, that’s where! With us you can get thousands upon thousands (even millions!) of likes, followers, views and more to boost your fan-base into the sky! Whether you own a business and want to attract new, loyal and attentive customers, or simply want to promote your personal image and grow your fan-base, we are the solution to your social media problems. Even Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have bought likes. And now, for a limited time, we are opening our services to the general public. Visit us at [superbsocial website here] and take advantage of our Summer Discount for a limited time! Email us at, or call us at (877) 410-4002. We look forward to working with you.


Morty Goldman
CEO and Founder of Superb Social


12 thoughts on “Morty Goldman CEO and Founder of Superb Social spams contact forms!

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  1. This guy is relentless, over 30 of my sites have been hit by his bot in the last 2-3 days. I use the old CSS hidden field trick to detect spam so not a single one of his messages have made it through to my clients. Give up buddy

  2. Should have shelled out for a better spambot, Morty. It tried to spam our site and failed due to .NET ViewState validation.

  3. Morty Goldman
    CEO and Founder of Superb Social
    Is a SPAMMER! We reported Morty and Superb Social to the NC Attorney General office – they will be out of business soon!!!!!

  4. It looks like some Polish spammers paid an American to make a video and use a generic fake name. These are just some scumbag spammers with a crappy website and nothing to offer but spam and lies.

  5. is this guy a bot or a real person? his spam is somehow getting around captcha and he/it is literally spamming 100s of sites.

    1. Guys, the simple CSS hidden field trick defeats morty’s lame spam attempts – I definitely recommend you implement it.

      Specifically, set up an extra input on your contact forms (say ‘Company’ for example) and hide the field/label with CSS. Then on your mailer script, check if anything was entered in to this field. If true, send email to developer only and not to client. If false, send through to client as per normal.

      No idea how he’s beating captcha, but I can confirm 100% that he’s not beating this method! :)

  6. Morty’s so called SuperbSocial service for video promotion is also completely fraudulent and will get the client’s videos removed from YouTube due to “gaming.”


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