Wal Mart Secret Shopping

Received this one today from nzk2y41veaace9d@jetable.org

Note the spelling mistakes to get around junk mail filters… also, the word survey was spaced out so it wouldn’t be picked up in junk mail filters.  Pretty sneaky guys!  I’m not the only one either!

• You will be assigned to visit a shop
• You need to “pretend” to be a normal potential customer who is looking for a particular service or product
• You will then finish an on-line questionnaire to share with us your customer experience

• 19 Years old or above
• Dependable and reliable.
• No experience needed like shopping
• Able to anticipate problems and devise accurate solutions.
• Able to report problems or potential problems promptly to management.

1. You will get 30O Usd For Each S u r v e y
2. Most of the time you will only need to spend 25 minutes on the visit.
Payment check/Money order will be in a certain amount that you will be asked
for cash at your bank then deduct your salary and have the rest for the evaluation
Reply the email inf0rmation below

1. Full – N a m e : __________________
2. Fu l l Physical- Add re s s: __________________
3. S t a t e_C i t y_Zip: __________________
4. P h o n e – N u m b er: __________________
5. Cu r r e n t – J o b: __________________
6. Gender: __________________

Head of Sur-vey
All Rights Reserved


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