Now here’s a new one.. this email provides some quality information about phishing, but includes no web links to viagra, and it also doesn’t use a decent return address, but it does have an unsub link that includes the email address of the bad guy… so here it is siddharthisgreat10@gmail.com

Has anyone else gotten this one?



Phishing is the practice of defrauding users into giving up their usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information. Phishing emails will often try to get you to click on links that take you to fake websites; they often pretend to be from organizations such as a bank, PayPal, Amazon or even Stanford. Recent Stanford-targeting phishing scams have been improving their disguises—but always be cautious. Stanford will never ask you for your SUID password, and you should never give it out, not even to tech support!

Some ways to tell if an email might be phishing spam:

  • Poor spelling and odd grammar
  • The TO, FROM or REPLY-TO is not a Stanford
  • The email asks for a password or other personal information (Stanford will NEVER ask for that information, nor will organizations such as your bank)

Best Regards,
Cooperstown, NY

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