Michael Beyer from Tegile is a spammer

His email said he tried calling me, but that is a lie, as I do not have a missed call or a message from him.

“my database shows” .. more like your SPAM DATABASE SHOWS :)

Hi ***,

I just tried calling you but you were unavailable. The reason for my call – my database shows that you are responsible for data storage for your organization, and Tegile is running a pretty cool incentive right now where we are giving IT folks a $100 Amazon gift card to join us for a 30 minute Web Ex learning about Tegile’s technology.

Brief Tegile Intro:
-All flash & hybrid storage arrays
-ISCSI/FB/NFS/CIFS/SMB 3.0 – run them concurrently from same array
-Inline dedupe & compression without performance loss
-All licenses included, no additional fees for snapshots, replication, etc.
-Enterprise grade hardware with more endurance than competition.

Incentive Requirements:
-You are responsible for storage for your organization.

Please let me know if you are interested and we can schedule a convenient time over the next couple of weeks.


Michael Beyer
Account Development Manager –
Tegile Systems | http://www.tegile.com


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