Josh Hart from BizLender / VMCCapital buys email lists to spam

Received the following from Josh, unsolicited:

And I’m not the only one :)

I would like to provide you with funding for your business.

I can get your business the funds it needs within 2 days, and all approvals take less than 24 hours.

“I cannot thank BizLender adequately for their expert assistance. It was a joy to work with them. I will definitely use BizLender in the future. Thank you again to all.” – Pam D

You may read more testimonials and learn more here, or simply reply and I’ll send you more information.




Josh Hart
BizLender, LLC
884 Town Center Drive
Langhorne PA 19047


Our address is 884 Town Center Drive, Langhorne, PA 19047


One thought on “Josh Hart from BizLender / VMCCapital buys email lists to spam

Add yours

  1. Scum bags. I filed a complaint w/FTC and now will with dept of consumer protection in PA and with the treasurer in Langhorne. Doubt the company is even in the US>

    “Are you frustrated by the lack of available funding options out there, or think you might not qualify? You’ll be surprised at how many executives and owners I’ve helped just like you.

    My company, VMC Capital, is the leading provider of alternative funding solutions in the United States, and we have the rates to prove it.
    For you the process is simple with a full service lending platform and a funding time of less than 24 hours.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you. ”

    With best,

    Alexis McNeil
    Director of Operations
    VMC Capital, LLC
    P: 267-233-5085
    884 Town Center Drive
    Langhorne, PA 19047

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