Apartment Housing Scamer brandygx@yahoo.com and wasko@attractingtoured.xyz

If you see anything on Craigslist that seems too good to be true, but you respond anyway, you may get this email in response to your query:

This particular one came from brandygx@yahoo.com and wasko@attractingtoured.xyz

Hello (insert your first name),

Thank you for your interest in the property listed for rent. You were the second to e-mail from the ad. The first prospective renter no longer had to move because of his home situation. So we give the opportunity to you. We are currently prepared to lease with flexible terms and just completed all new renovations. We will work with you on move in date, lease security deposit and length.

I understand that you desire the precise address of the property but we do want not to disclose the address before you’re qualified. We have had a string of break ins, squatters and thefts at our other properties. We want to prevent that with this property due to the renovations that have cost a lot of money. You are going to be the first to move in with the renovations.

All utilities are priced into the lease along with garage parking spaces. The appliances in the kitchen as well as laundry room were just installed. You have the option to pick your paint color and flooring before your arrival

When you want to come look at the place, then please visit the link below and grab your report. We use this site since it’s it gives you 3 scores. All you need to do is fill out the form and you get your report We aren’t interested in specifics of your report, it’s more of a formality to ensure you have rental history. Simply get your report by (insert tracking link here)

Keep in mind that you only have to bring your report to the tour. We typically waive the security deposit with a score of 660+.

Let me know when you have an updated version of your report. Then I’ll schedule you for a showing.

See you soon,
(insert generic name here)


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